Color Control Network (CCN) provides services, products and technologies for print color management. Our latest endeavor, PrintCMS, targets OEM's and other companies desiring to embed the worlds most accurate color management into their products.

PrintCMS offers an exceptional system for digital printing color management. The system features unprecedented high-precision in achieving the specifications of established standards. It also offers an innovative feature for expanding the role that current established standards play in serving the digital printing industry.

Such performance provides commercial advantages to the digital printing industry's marketers of proofing, wide format, grand format, sheet-fed and high-speed-web digital printing devices, and/or the software that drives them.

PrintCMS notable technological feats:
The following technological feats can be executed independently of each other.

1.) PrintCMS enables digital printing with exceptional high-precision in achieving the global printing standards specifications (color spaces), such as Fogra39L, SWOP and GRACoL. PrintCMS can print 72.5% of all colors in such color spaces within the color-match distinction of .5 DE or less, and 97% of the colors at 1.0 DE or less. No other system can replicate this level of performance.

2.) PrintCMS enables globally accepted ISO printing standards to go beyond their traditional limitations and fulfill new goals in producing more compelling and effective print products. For example, GRACoL2005 or Fogra39L can be faithfully reproduced in its essential color-space aspects, and at the same time the other aspects are reproduced in the higher gamut color space of a selected digital printing device. Notably important is that, by not having to produce a special image file, these advantages are attained without upsetting the workflow of any entity in the marketing through production supply chain.


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